Directions to The Pand Hotel

  1. Coming from the R30, you drive to the Katelijnestraat (via the Katelijne bridge)
  2. Drive straight on at the first intersection and then turn right onto Visspaanstraat (a one-way paved street)
  3. You arrive at an intersection at the Oude Gentweg: turn to right and immediately to the left (you drive almost straight ahead) into the Werkhuisstraat (a paved one-way street)
  4. Turn right to the Nieuwe Gentweg and follow this street all the way to the end (point of reference: Church of Magdalena)
  5. Turn to the left to the Schaarstraat and follow the streets along the Astrid Park (Schaarstraat – Minderbroedersstraat – Park)
  6. Drive straight to the Gevangenisstraat, after which you automatically reach the street Pandreitje
  7. Follow the street Pandreitje until you reach The Pand Hotel (on your left)