Sights in Bruges

Bruges has been proclaimed world heritage by UNESCO and there are lots of good reasons for that. Like no other, the historic town centre with its alleys, mansions, churches, canals and museums is so well preserved.

It is a very romantic place, where it's great to live and walk around. But it is also a vibrant, modern and lively city with all modern comfort one would expect in the 21st century. Past and present are mixed in a very harmonious way.

Hotel The Pand is situated in a quiet street in the historic town centre, only a few steps away from the canals, Burg and Market Square, museums and shopping. From the hotel you go to the Burg Square, the administrative heart of the city. The Burg square is a showcase of different European architectural styles. The relic with the blood of Christ is being kept in the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Romanesque style. On the same square, also the Town Hall (Gothic style) and the former Court of Justice in Neo-Classicist style are situated.

Through the Breidelstraat you walk to the Market Square, the former trade centre of the city, which is dominated by the presence of the Belfry Tower. The Belfry with its carillon was the symbol of independence of the people of Bruges. On the top of the tower you have a panoramic view over the city.

Wednesday is market day.

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